2 Mickey Mouse Prizes from the Real Prize Claw Machine App

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The classic crane game or claw machine is always the best game to play. It challenges you to get the toy inside the box. If you can drop it to the hole on the corner, you can bring it home. This concept was adopted by the real prize claw machine app called the Japan Claw Machine.

This claw machine is available on the App Store and Play Store. Download the game and play it on your iPhone or Android phone. There will be five different machines you must try to win all the prizes available. Those real prizes will be shipped from their original place in Japan to your home in Canada.

Awesome Disney Prizes for the JCM Winners

The Japan Claw Machine offers limited edition original Japanese prizes. You can find Pokemon stuff, One Piece collection, Kimetsu No Yaiba prizes, and many other Japanese prizes in the app. This app will let you choose the prize before you start controlling the claw to get the prize you desire.

Among the limited edition and exclusive prizes, there are Disney prizes for the Disney fans. Disney is a famous brand, everyone knows and loves it. If you love Disney characters so much, you should get this game and collect all the Disney prizes provided in this game.

  • Cool Mickey Mouse bubble wand

One cool thing you can win by playing this real prize claw machine app from Japan is a bubble wand. The wand has a unique design and blue dominant color with a little red and yellow. It has Mickey Mouse head on the top of the wand. There is a button on the body of this bubble wand.

Hit that button and this Mickey Mouse is going to blow bubbles. This original Disney prize’s original price is USD 20 and it is a limited edition Disney toy. You should get this prize immediately before the other players win the game and get all the limited edition prizes.

  • Mickey Mouse bath towel

Mickey Mouse fans must keep playing the game even if they have won the Mickey Mouse bubble wand. There is a bath towel with a Mickey Mouse pattern on the surface ready to win. The towel is 110 cm long and 55 cm wide. It comes in three colors, red, white, and blue. Which one is going to be yours?

The original price of each Mickey Mouse bath towel is USD 10. But you can get this limited edition bath towel only for USD 1 for each play in the JCM online game. If you are expert enough, you will be able to win all three Mickey Mouse bath towels for only USD 3. Or simply use the premium tickets.

How to Claim the Real Prizes

This Japan real prize claw machine app doesn’t require the players to claim anything. The real prize you win will be shipped via EMS or DHL from Japan where the claw machine is located to your home in Canada. If you don’t receive the prize, contact the JCM through the live chat feature.

Source: https://claw-plus.com/lp/claw-machine-app/

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