3 Cool Features of Inbound Call Center Software

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Everything is driven by technology today. You can run a call center much more efficiently with the right technology like inbound call center software. Call center software usually has features that will support the phone system.

Different types of call center software have different features and different functions. It is essential to learn the different features of call center software. That’s how you can find the right software for your call center agency. What features do inbound call center agents need?

Different Features of Inbound Call Center Software

Inbound call center agents are going to receive calls from customers. Some customers may want to ask something about your service or product while others may need help with an issue they are currently facing. Your inbound call center agents will need software with these features:

  • Hosted IVR

IVR or interactive voice response is a specific system that is needed by busy call center agencies, especially if there are different departments. This system is going to let you customize prompts, greetings, and also menus. Callers can be routed easily and quickly to the right department.

This outstanding feature of call center solution software is going to ease the life of your agents and customers. A hosted IVR system on call center software is going to let customers get the best answers to their simple questions. They won’t have to reach the live agent.

  • ACD

ACD or automatic call distribution is another system you can find in many software for inbound call center agents. This system is going to manage all incoming calls simply by using a database of call volume, instructions, and identifiers that have been determined previously.

This ACD feature is going to let inbound call center agents get some capabilities such as automatic caller or customer identification. This call center solution feature is designed to help enhance average handle time, queue time, and also call duration.

  • CTI screen pop

This CTI screen pop is a feature of call center software that is going to automatically populate with the current information of your customer. Agents will get instant access to some details like case and purchase history. That’s how agents can provide more helpful and personalized customer support.

This kind of customized CX is the best way to help your business retain your customers while creating net promoters of the brand you offer.

Inbound call center software is going to help inbound call center agents and customers get what they need. This software should have the best features that will let you keep customers happy.

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