3 Reasons to Play Kimetsu No Yaiba Claw Machine

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Kimetsu No Yaiba Claw Machine

If you follow the story of Tanjiro Kamado of Kimetsu No Yaiba, you should play the Kimetsu No Yaiba claw machine to win many Demon Slayer prizes. Tanjiro Kamado has to become a demon slayer because his little sister is turned into one of the demons.

The manga and anime TV series gained many fans around the world. Based on the popularity gained by the manga and anime of Kimetsu No Yaiba, there are claw machines created to help the fans of Tanjiro Kamado collect exclusive prizes to complete their collection. 

Get Kimetsu No Yaiba Figures from Online Claw Machine

The pandemic gets you home for months, and even years. But this doesn’t mean you cannot play your favorite claw machine game and get Kimetsu No Yaiba figures. The online game can be downloaded and played on your Android device. Now you can win the prizes anytime, anywhere.

What makes this online claw machine game a much better version than the conventional one?

  1. The flexibility you get

Japan Claw Machine is available for iOS and Android smartphones. As long as you have your phone where the claw machine game is installed, you can play the game and try to win the Kimetsu No Yaiba prizes you desire.

But before downloading the app and playing the game to win the gifts, you need to make sure that your device can accommodate the game. Here are requirements to download and play Kimetsu No Yaiba claw machine.

Operating SystemiOS 12.4, iPadOS 12.4 or laterAndroid 4.4 or higher
App Size7.6 MB3.7 MB
App VersionVersion 1.1.7Version 1.28

After downloading the game, you can play it at home, at work, or anywhere you are. Play in the morning, after lunch, before dinner, anytime you are free. The prize you won will be delivered from Japan to your home in the United Kingdom.

  1. The prizes are exclusive

Keep playing until you win the prize. Various prizes you can get include the figure of Nezuko Kamado, plush toy of Inosuke Hashibira and Zennitsu Agatsuma, Kamado Nezuko purse, and many more. What is so special about those prizes?

You may see figures and toys of Kimetsu No Yaiba out there around the United Kingdom. But the ones you get from playing Japan Claw Machine are original prizes from Japan will be delivered from that country to yours. Besides, the prizes are limited edition.

If you have the premium tickets, all those exclusive prizes will be yours for free. But if you have used the entire ticket, you can get the prize for only one dollar.

  1. Trusted app

The Kimetsu No Yaiba claw machine game has been downloaded more than 31 million times. There were more than 10 million prizes won by JCM players around the world. Even though you play the game online, you are actually playing the real claw machine that is located in Japan.

The prize will be yours and shipped via EMS or DHL to any country and city in the United Kingdom. Feel free to play the game everyday and try to win all the Kimetsu No Yaiba exclusive prizes.

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