4 Jaw-Droopingly Sophisticated Japan Infrastructure Projects

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Many innovations are coming from Japan infrastructure that influences other countries to apply them. From the famous wooden temple to the fastest rail line, the development of infrastructure in this country is on another level. Let’s get to know some of the future infrastructures that Japan still working on today.

4 Japan Infrastructure to Shift the World

Here a couple of international infrastructure projects in Japan that that not only be the first time but also could possibly change the world. 

  1. Shinkansen High Rail Speed

Although Shinkansen had been connecting many cities in Japan since 1964. Now, Japan develops this Shinkansen project outside the country by connecting Malaysia and Singapore. Expected to finish in 2026, this project claims to cut the travel period by 90 minutes which is quicker than other types of trains. 

Japan not only takes part by providing funding into this project but also the technology. The presence of Japanese technology on the fast train in the Southeast Asia regions are expected to provide faster and more comfortable transportation that from one country to other nearest countries. 

  1. W350 Wooden Skyscraper

Nowadays, eco-friendly things gain popularity since more and more people realize the importance of preserving our nature. Even architectural now starts to use some eco-friendly touches for the building sustainability.  This is what Japan tries to implement to their W50 wooden skyscraper. 

A Japan-based company called Sumitomo Forestry plans to create the first skyscraper with 70 stories entirely from wood. This is such an incredible project in architecture that can be a great innovation worldwide. It is known that to realize this project Japan fund over $5 billion. 

  1. Tokyo 2045

Considered to be an island nation, Japan is truly aware when it comes to a variety of effects resulting from climate change such as rising seas. That’s why this country tries to provide solutions dealing with this condition, which might become examples to other countries in the world. 

Dealing with the environmental chance, Japan works with some architects to create an infrastructure project for Tokyo in 2045. It refers to a hexagonal pad in Tokyo Bay to split up the storm flows. It is such an important innovation, especially when knowing that storms frequently occur in this country. 

Not just that, Tokyo in the future will also the Sky Mile Tower which is now still under construction infrastructure consulting. This building is expected to be twice taller than the Burj Khalifa.

  1. Olkaria Geothermal Power Station

Japan also helps other countries to develop their infrastructure. Previously help Africa in education, health, as well as medical services. Now, Japan changes its focus to help Kenya developing their natural resources by funding this country’s geothermal power station. 

By joining in Kenya power plant project, Japan helps that country to have alternative energy sources which are safer for the environment. 

Those just a few examples of Japan infrastructure projects that can change the world by offering more benefits. Seeing how serious Japan in developing those infrastructure projects. It gives ideas for other countries to create innovations that can help both people and the environment in the future. 

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