Bandung Smart Cities for Better Indonesian Economy

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Bandung smart city is a pioneer in realizing smart city projects in Indonesia. This city is one of the targets of 100 smart cities in Indonesia in 2045. Especially after the Covid 19 pandemic, Indonesia needs to immediately reorganize the economy to make it even better. 

The government needs to extra boost the economy in order to be able to realize smart cities optimally. Therefore, by making Bandung the first city, it is hoped that it will be the best step to create smart cities in Indonesia. 

Bandung Smart Cities Indonesia in Business 

It seems that making Bandung smart city pioneer in Indonesia is a good choice. Most of the people of Bandung already use digital technology in their daily activities. Especially during the pandemic in order to continue to optimize their online business. 

The business of the people of Bandung is growing very well using the digital e-commerce mode. So, there is no reason not to run a business during the pandemic. Everything can be overcome with today’s advanced technology called e-commerce. 

Moreover, considering the current internet penetration has reached 64%, which means that many Indonesians are technology literate. This amount can be obtained from the use of laptops or cellphones as needed. 

Bandung Smart Cities for Indonesia’s Economic Recovery 

Bandung is a city that is used as the first step for economic recovery in Indonesia. With the condition of the people who are technology literate, then everything will be able to run well. Without excpetion for the field of buying and selling business. 

In Bandung, smart city technology is considere a gateway for the economy of all levels of society. All business people are included in it, without exception Micro and Small Medium Enterprises (MSME’s). Given the encouragement from all sectors, it is hoped that all business can run well. 

Bandung smart cities technology is really advanced. A real example is the collaboration between the smart city of Bandung and the Gojek multi-servicee platform, namely education on business practices for Micro and Small Medium Enterprises (MSME’s) during the pandemic. 

It can also be categorized into the Bandung smart cities campaign. The more educated people, the better the effect that will be obtained. So, the realization of Indonesia smart cities in 2045 is not just wishful thinking. Not impossible to make it happen. 

Bandung Recovery Economy Indonesia 

To revive the Indonesian economy after the pandemic, Indonesia uses the smart city method. Then, Indonesia choose Bandung as the first city to realize Indonesia smart cities. This is a very good idea for future of Indonesia. 

With the presence of a smart city like this, it is hoped that it will have a good impact on Indonesia in the long-term. A good promotion to other cities can also be the best example to make the nation’s economy even better. 

Then, the desire to create 100 smart cities in Indonesia is certainly not just wishful thinking. Everything has worked out well. Starting from Bandung, it is hoped that other cities will follow suit to become smart cities with a good economy. Bandung smart cities is the best step to realize 100 Indonesia smart cities in 2045. With people who are technology literate, of course, it is hoped that they will be able to receive good education from various sectors to advance the local economy.

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