Claw Machine App To Win Kuroko’s Basketball Figurines

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kuroko basketball

We all know that Japanese anime is the best. Japanese anime comes in various types and genres. One of them is basketball-themed anime called Kuroko’s Basketball or Kuroko no Basuke. This anime is about a wonderful basketball team. Play the online claw machine app to win the characters’ figurines.

Kuroko’s Basketball is about Seirin High School’s basketball team. The team is super unique with five members who have different abilities. Kuroko Tetsuya is known as the sixth member of the team. If you’re following the journey of this team, you need to play the claw machine game.

Win Kuroko Figurine from A Claw Machine

The online claw machine game known as Claw Plus allows you to play a super fun crane game online and then win figurines from Kuroko’s Basketball anime. Tetsuya Kuroko is the first figurine you can win by playing the game. This figurine is wearing a red and white basketball shirt and has soft blue hair.

Tetsuya Kuroko’s figurine looks similar to the original Kuroko from its anime. You need to make sure that you keep playing the online claw machine game until you win this exclusive prize from Japan. If you win, the prize will be shipped directly to your home.

Play Claw Machine App to Win Kagami Taiga

Kuroko’s position in the team is as the shadow of Kagami Taiga. So if you have won the Kuroko figurine, you need to keep playing the online claw machine game and win the Kagami Taiga figurine. The figurine has dark red hair and the same uniform as the one worn by the Kuroko figurine.

However, the number on the t-shirt of the Kagami Taiga figurine is different from Kuroko’s number. If you can win both figurines by playing the Claw Plus online game, you need to place Kagami and Kuroko figurines close to each other since they are inseparable.

Ryota Kise Figurine from The Crane Game

You can also win a figurine of Ryota Kise. He was Kuroko’s schoolmate when they were in junior school. Now, Ryota Kise is a member of a different basketball team from another high school. The figurine of Ryota Kise you will win is having blonde hair and wearing a blue and white basketball shirt.

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