Claw Machine Game Online with Cute Pink Prizes

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Crane game or claw machine is an old game. We can find and play this game at shopping malls, amusement parks, movie theatres, and many other public places. And now, you can play a claw machine game online at home without having to own a claw machine.

A Japanese game developer created a game called an online claw machine game. This game can be installed on your iPhone or Android devices. This way, you can access the claw machine anytime you want and no matter where you are. Some aspects make this game amazing.

Unique Training Station for Players

One unique aspect of this online claw machine game is the presence of a training station. The training station allows each player to practice and learn the best ways to win the claw machine game. Players of this game can access the training station for free and practice as many as they want.

But since the training station doesn’t require any points or tickets, players will not get a prize if they win the training station. The training station will let players figure out the most effective strategy to win the bridge mode of the online claw machine game.

Cute Prizes from Claw Machine Game Online

Another unique thing about the online claw machine game is its unique prizes. The game offers various cute prizes for girls. If you have a daughter and she likes pink-colored stuff, get the game and let her play. A prize she can win is the pink tabekko animal kitchen mat.

This cute pink-colored mat can be a gorgeous decoration for your girl’s room. The size of this mat is 45cm by 75cm. This cute pink mat is big enough for your daughter’s room. If she has a private bathroom inside her room, the mat can be a useful ornament for the room.

Cute Lunchbox for Female Players

Another cute prize your daughter can win by playing the online claw machine game is the My Melody Kuromi lunch box that comes with a cool bag. This lunchbox and its bag have sweet pink color that your little daughter would love. To win this prize, you need to exchange 200 points.

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