Game Online with Real Prizes from Japan

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Kids are not the only fans of the online game. Today, adults around the world are willing to install online games on their smartphones. If you are looking for the most fantastic online game, consider playing the crane game online with real prizes.

This game is the digital version of your favorite claw machine game. In past, you need to visit a shopping mall or an amusement park just to play an online crane game. Now, you can stay at home, play the crane game you desire, and win your favorite prizes.

Unique Online Game for Everyone

Online claw machines are the most unique online game. This game won’t give you a random prize. After the installation process, you should register yourself to get premium tickets. And then you can start playing the game. Before playing the game, you should choose the prizes to win first.

Collectors of anime merchandise should play this online claw machine game. They can choose any anime character they want and complete their collection. Some available prizes you can win are Disney, anime, One Piece, and Pokémon merchandise.

Game Online with Real Prizes from Japan

Since this online crane game comes from Japan, the prizes you won will be shipped directly from the country. Before you start playing the game, you must fill in your personal information. One detail you should fill in is your address. The game developer will use the address to ship the prize.

Claw Topia developer will ship the prizes to more than 60 countries around the world. If you want to get the prize from this game, you need to make sure that you put the right address. The prizes you will get from Japan are either exclusive prizes you won’t find anywhere else or limited edition ones.

Get The Prizes for Free

It is true that you can get the prizes from a claw machine game for free. If you are a new player, the game developer will let you get five premium tickets. Use those tickets to play and win all the prizes you want. Keep in mind that those premium tickets are only for the new players.

You won’t get the same tickets if you ever downloaded and played the game before. But you can still play the game and win your favorite prizes at a low price. This game is super addictive. You won’t stop playing once you win the prize.

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