How Key Esport Sponsorship Boost Esport Development

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It is a good thing when you can play the video game you love the most and earn money from playing it. Electronic sport or esport allows you to explore your skill in playing games and make you a professional. Key esport sponsorship is one of the source income of esport organizations. 

The popularity of esport leads to the esport markets expanding extensively. The growth of esport brings advantages for game players and video games industries. Considering the large popularity of esport, most countries hold league championships.

The fast growth of esport will not happen without support of players and government support. For instance, the esport in the Philippines keeps increasing. We can no longer consider esport as mere niche interest, but the chance for game sporting industry expanding their business. 

YCP solidiance provides analysis of the growing esport management that happens in Philippine. It shows significant development since 2017. There are more than 43 million gamers participating in Phillippine esport. How come the esport grows so fast?

The importance of key esport sponsorship 

There is no way esport grows that big without the role of skilful professional players and support of the government. The government will recognize professional athletes of esport as athletes. Hence, the league championship varies from domestic up to international championship.

Sponsorships hold the essential role to let you earn money in esport. As everybody knows, the key channels of esport come from advertisers, investors, sponsorship, winning tournaments and so on. YCP solidiance provides digital tools to let you collect data and analytics for obtaining sponsors. 

Companies Sponsoring Esport

Commonly the sponsorship comes from video games, technology, gaming scene industries. Slowly, the popularity of esport drives companies from different fields to join supporting this event. Some of them are social media apps, cryptocurrencies apps, entertainment, and automotive industries. 

How to Get Esport Sponsorship

The first thing to get sponsorship is by collecting cups in every tournament. Building networks among esport associations and being a member of an esport club makes it easier to find sponsors. In order to get sponsorship, you must boost self-marketing and provide a sponsorship channel.

Factors Enhancing Esport 

Using the data analysis of YCP Solidiance, you can see how the esport grows dramatically. Absolutely there are main factors that boost esport development. They are competition, accessibility and production value. 

The tournaments where all game players compete with each other as a team or individuals indirectly lead more sponsors to come. Accessibility affects the development of esport as well. Mobile internet and smartphones are two essential things enhancing the esport growth. 

As you can see, online video games require smartphones with adequate capacity and features to allow players participating in tournaments. In addition, internet connection is crucial to allow them to play the game online. Poor connections definitely become issues for game players. 

The production value of esport, especially the tournament that you broadcast via live streaming. The right of broadcasting and media brings another revenue channel for esport organization. Good broadcasting must consider sound, lighting, and other items supporting game performance. 

As long as you have good performance in an esport tournament, there is a high chance to find key esport sponsorship. Esport sponsorship brings advantages for esport organization and the companies sponsoring the events. 

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