How to Play and Win on Online Claw Machine

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Getting a prize from a claw machine doesn’t have to come from a time zone nowadays. You can go to a website for an online claw machine. The website has many kinds of prizes for gamers and you can play it everywhere from your gadget.

Since it is online, you don’t have to have a coin like playing in a timezone. It is more simple and you can choose the prize according to the stuff you want. In case you win the game, the provider will send the stuf

f to you. Here is the information about how to play this game.

Playing Online Claw Machine

Playing the online claw machine is not hard, yet it is still challenging just like you play it offline. The screen will display a button that will act as a stick. You have to tap the button to move the claw above the merchandise. After that, the claw will go down and take one of the merchandise below.

After that, the claw will move upward again. This will determine whether the merchandise will fall or not. If the merchandise falls because the claw cannot hold it, you will automatically lose the game. To win this game, the claw will move to the hole and then you get the merchandise successfully.

How to Win the Claw Machine Game

Many factors will determine whether you will win this game or not. The special factor is whether you are lucky or otherwise. Sometimes, the claw will let the merchandise downward, and you don’t get the merchandise until it gets the hole and goes out from there.

Moving The Button

The important thing you need to know is how to move the button as if it is the joystick. Online claw machine has some buttons such as right, left, and take button. If you move the button carelessly, you won’t get the merchandise easily. The position determines whether the claw will bring it to the hole.

Position of the merchandise

Another factor to win the game is seeing the position of the merchandise. Sometimes, the best position of the merchandise is the merchandise that we don’t want to get. Though the preference is understandable, it has a higher possibility of winning the game. It is harder to get one from a pile of merchandise in the machine.

Playing the online claw machine is still challenging. However, you do not need to go to the time zone. This game is flexible because you can play it from the gadget, anytime and anywhere. The price of each token to play is cheaper than an offline machine.

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