Play One Piece Game and Win Exclusive Prizes

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One Piece Game

There is a super famous Japanese manga series called One Piece. This manga is even the favorite of boys around the world. Boys who love this manga series usually will love every single thing related to One Piece, like the One Piece game for example. This game is designed for One Piece lovers.

The real fans of One Piece will do everything to collect One Piece merchandise. They are even willing to purchase those merchandise with real money. But you don’t have to waste your money since there is a unique game that will give you awesome One Piece merchandise for free.

Game That Gives You One Piece Figurines

The name of this fantastic game is Clawtopia. By playing this game online, you will be able to win many One Piece merchandise for free. One of the amazing prizes you may get is the Monkey D. Luffy figurine, the straw hat, the rubber man. You can take this famous captain home. 

The original price of this exclusive figurine is USD 25. But the game developer doesn’t sell this exclusive product. The only way you can get this extraordinary figurine of Monkey D. Luffy is by playing the One Piece claw machine online game and then winning the incredible figurine.

Use your free ticket to play and choose Monkey D. Luffy figurine as your prize. This way, you are going to win the figurine for free. Then wait for the game developer to ship this figurine to you.

One Piece Game and Limited Edition Prizes

What makes this One Piece claw machine game famous is not only the exclusive prize but also the limited edition prizes it offers. There are many limited edition figurines you can win by playing this incredible online game. One of those limited edition prizes is the Tony Tony Chopper.

As one of One Piece fans, you know how unique this Tony Tony Chopper is. It is actually a doctor but it looks like a reindeer. In order to get this extraordinary figurine, you need to play Clawtopia and choose Tony Tony Chopper as your prize for free.

The original price of this unique doctor figurine is USD 45. By playing the online claw machine on your Android phone or iPhone, there is no need to purchase the figurine with real money.

Keep Playing and Complete Your Collection

After collecting the previous prizes by playing the One Piece claw machine game, you need to keep playing in order to get the other figurines. Another limited edition and exclusive figurine you can win by playing this online game is Roronoa Zoro figurine.

Zoro is known as a swordsman that has three amazing swords. The figurine you will get by playing this online claw machine game is a Zoro figurine that is standing while holding the three swords.

One Piece game allows you to play the game online but you can get the real prizes. There are limited edition and exclusive prizes waiting for you to take them all. The figures above are only some prizes you are about to get by playing the online claw machine game.

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