Play Online Pokémon Claw Machine and Win These

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Online pokemon claw machine

Pokémon is still everyone’s favorite. Pocket monsters that come from Japan have a cute appearance but awesome skills and abilities. Many people still love collecting everything about Pokémon today. If you too love collecting things about Pokémon, you better start playing an online Pokémon claw machine.

This game is about a crane game and it requires you to move the claw to get the prize you want. The good news is all prizes you will get are about Pokémon. Interested in playing but need more details about the real prize you will get from this online game?

Win Amazing Pokémon Prizes Now

By playing this online Pokémon claw machine, you are free to choose the prize to win. Many categories of the prize are available, such as One Piece, Pokémon, Disney, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, and so on. If you love Pokémon, pick Pokémon themed prizes to win.

The game developer offers many Pokémon prizes for all Pokémon lovers. Below are some examples of Pokémon products you can win from the online crane game.

Snorlax cute cushion from online Pokémon claw machine

The first thing you can choose to win is the Snorlax cushion. This isn’t just a random cushion since its size reaches 42cm. The cushion has a Snorlax shape and a sleeping face. It looks super cute and will complete your Pokémon collection perfectly.

This cushion is worth $40. If you can win the game with a premium ticket, you can easily get the prize for free. But if you are out of the ticket, play the game for $1 to win this Snorlax cushion.

Squirtle plush prize

Everyone knows that Squirtle can evolve into Wartortle and Blastoise. But before evolving, Squirtle looks super cute with its turtle shape and blue color. If you want to collect Squirtle, choose Squirtle plush as the prize before playing an online Pokémon claw machine.

The size of this plush is 9cm long and it will complete your collection properly. This is a limited edition prize. So make sure that you start playing now to win this prize before others get it.

Piplup mini plush

Piplup is also a cute Pokémon character that can evolve into Prinplup and Empoleon. This cute character inspires the claw machine game developer to provide Piplup plush as a prize. You too can win this plush by playing and winning the crane game.

All Pokémon prizes available at the online crane game will be yours if you just keep playing the online Pokémon claw machine. Start now and you will be able to collect all Pokémon collectibles from the game.

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