Play Thrilling Online Claw Machine Win Real Prizes Canada from Japan

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online claw machine win real prizes Canada

Everyone knows how thrilling a claw machine game can be. But what about playing the game online? Well, playing an online claw machine game is thrilling, too. Especially if you know you can play online claw machine win real prizes Canada. Below, we explain how the game works and more.

How Does Online Claw Machine Win Real Prizes Canada Work?

Playing a claw machine in an arcade is one thing. Playing an online claw machine is another. Unlike in an arcade, you don’t have any physical presence near the machine. You don’t control the claw, either. So, how does it work?

The game works through an app. Instead of pulling or pushing a lever to control the movement of the claw, you touch the screen of your device. During the game, you will be given a live feed that shows the machine and the prize in real time.

How Much Does It Cost?

It doesn’t cost much to enjoy the thrill of an online claw machine win real prizes. It costs only USD1. Note that this price is flat. Regardless of where you are, you are paying $1 per play.

If you are a new player, you can get 5 premium tickets. Each ticket allows you to play any claw machine for free. If you win while using a ticket, you win the prize for free.


Would like to try a wireless earphone, cooling box, or camera from the heart of Japan? Play the game and win the prize. These three are a few examples of real prizes you can win under the electronics category.

Soft Toys

Playing a claw machine doesn’t feel complete if there are any soft toys to win. On the online claw machine win real prizes Canada, you get to choose various soft toys like a big lying down Snoopy, Poteusa Roppy, or Pom Pom Purin Premium Pillow.

Anime Merchandises

If you’re into anime, you’ll surely love this. There are lots of anime merchandises offered, many of which are exclusive and limited editions. From action figures, plushies, and face pouches, to mats.


There are toys like house miniature toys, bonsai miniature toys, and even radio control cars.


Maybe you want to try authentic Japanese food? Japanese food like ramen cup noodles, snack calpas, and delicious sticks are all available.

The next time you want to enjoy the thrill of a claw machine, you know you can do it in the comfort of your home. Play online claw machine win real prizes from the heart of Japan.

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