3 Countries with The Most Promising Renewable Energy Asia Market

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Asia must meet the energy demand that is rapidly growing by leveraging the clean energy which safeguards its environment as well as spurs action on climate change. The renewable energy Asia, solar power, has the most ideal combination.

The cheap solar is able to bring electricity for people in most subcontinents.

The cooling system from solar radiation that is intense is able to make the most perfect energy economic sense in Asia’s subcontinents.

Renewable Energy Asia in Many Countries

  • Bangladesh

Bangladesh uses the renewable energy from solar, hydro, and biomass as the main sources. Those sources altogether contribute around 60% of primary energy supply in the country.

Solar energy usage is extremely advantageous and potential in Bangladesh.

Investing in this sector in Bangladesh may seem interesting. Yet, it is essential to study about the Asia market growth in the renewable energy sector before deciding to invest.

  • Philippines

The government of Philippines sees the renewable energy growth as an important factor for national security.

The fossil fuel sector in the Philippines is unsustainable since it is dependent on nonrenewable fuel such as petroleum.

However, the Philippines are one of the renewable energy leaders not only in Asia but also in the world since 25% of the power generation is powered by renewable energy.

Actually, the Philippines are the second biggest generator of geothermal energy in the world.

Learn about the Asia market entry to start investing in this sector in the Philippines, the most promising country in Asia.

  • Taiwan

Taiwan is using more than one renewable energy Asia sources such as solar power, thermal energy, wind power, hydropower, and some other sources such as biogas power.

Speaking about solar power, Taiwan exported the world’s 20% solar panel.

  • Solar Power

The Taiwan government is also planning on leveraging the solar energy for the public amenities while incorporating this green energy to the daily lives of the people.

Taipei constructed 3216 solar panels while Tainan has 5288 buildings that are all equipped with solar panels.

  • Wind Power

Since 2000, Taiwan has constructed 347 systems that are leveraging wind power. It is possible because the geography of Taiwan’s island is highly ideal to be the locations for wind power.

World companies have invested in the development of wind power offshore.

If you are interested in investing in Taiwan’s renewable energy, prepare the best Asia market strategy to compete with the older players.

  • Hydropower

Taiwan is running hydropower by combining some systems including predominantly cascade, large accumulation, and diversion types to handle some unpredictable droughts and typhoons.

Hydropower development is possible because of Taiwan’s mountainous landscape.

Seems like Taiwan is offering the biggest opportunities in renewable energy but there are some other opportunities you will discover while studying many other countries in Asia.

South Korea, Pakistan, China, and India for example are opened for investments.

Don’t hesitate to enter the Asian market where you can discover brand new opportunities in huge numbers you can choose depending on what you are interested in and expand your own businesses to the next level.

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