UK Gamers, Download this Claw Machine App now and Win Free Prizes

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Playing claw machines in the amusement arcades is fun. However, some UK gamers cannot play it as often as they want since their activities, such as working and schooling, happen to be at the same time of the arcade opening hours. Based on this condition, the best claw machine app is created.

This mobile game app offers almost everything that is offered by the claw machines in the arcades. At the same time, it allows UK gamers to play the claw machine more conveniently. Let’s check what this claw game app has to offer.

The Claw Machine in the App Opens for 24/7

Since it is a mobile app, it has no closing hours. The claw machine is open every day for 24 hours. App users are able to access this claw machine anytime they want to. It is different from the claw machine in the arcade, which are only available during the opening hours.

Playing this claw machine via mobile phones is also more comfortable. App users do not need to stand uncomfortably in front of a real claw machine. They can play this game in the comfort of their home while sitting on a plush sofa.

5 Types of Claw Machines are Available

This app offers real-like gaming experience with a real-like claw machine. Those who access it for the first time will be surprised at finding a big resemblance of the mobile claw machine graphics with the real one. The good thing about this app does not stop here. Users will also find 5 different types of claw machines.

All these machines are fun to play and unique in their own way. Some of them have toys for the users to claw, but others have chains or balls.

Moreover, the shape of their drop box is also different. One of these claw machines, for example, has a drop box with metal rods attached to it so users must slip the prize between rods. The attractive gameplay of these machines surely make users more entertained in playing them.

Real Prizes from the Claw Machine App

For those who are able to beat the claw machine in this app, the developer offers great prizes. Once the app users win the game, they can ship the prize they win to their address. Users are also allowed to ship it to the loved one.

This app has more varied prizes than those in the arcade claw machines. App users can choose to win wireless earphones, video cameras, anime figurines, stuffed toys, car toys, and other prizes. They even have opportunities to win edible prizes.

Free Tickets for New App Users

App users need to buy game tickets to play the claw machine in this app. Without these tickets, they can only play the practiced games and will have no opportunities to get the real prizes.

However, the app developer is offering free tickets for new users. These tickets allow them to play the claw machine and give them opportunities to win the prizes for free.

This claw machine app is almost like the real one in the arcades. It even offers more conveniences for the app users. UK gamers who have not downloaded this app yet, must download now before the app runs out of free tickets.

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